Impact Webinar: 
1TW Solar in Europe! Is It Possible?

[IMPACT Livestream] 1TW Solar in Europe! Is It Possible?

Date & Time: 10:30-11:50 CET, April 26 Tuesday

Format: Digital Conference

The EU solar sector is ramping up capacity to reduce dependence on foreign gas imports. While we prepare for an accelerated deployment of solar, how to ensure we have the optimal development path is worth discussing. In the context, the webinar aims to exam the current political and regulatory support, the market statistics, and the golden countries to invest over the next decade.

Forecast on Installed Capacity by 2030: 562-692GW

  • The total installed capacity by 2030 is in the range of 562-692GW, modeled by BNEF.

  • Among the increments, ground-mounted projects and commercial and residential rooftops are expected to account for 45% and 55% respectively.

  • Top 5 markets by future growth potential: Germany, Spain, the Netherland, France, and Poland.

Regional Characteristics of Main EU countries

  • Central Europe has a high level of policy strength and market maturity, and the current energy crisis will further accelerate market installation; Southern Europe also has great potential for growth, and the impact of the energy crisis in this region is considered manageable; Eastern Europe, despite the uncertainties in the business environment due to the current war, is still favorable to investors in the long term.

Bottlenecks and Solutions in Solar

  • The main three bottlenecks are the transformation of the electricity system, permitting issues, and supply chain issues. The market is looking for policy & taxation support, development of regional inter-connected grid, utilization of digital tech, and hybrid solutions.

Developer's Strategic Focus and Resource Allocation

  • Advanced O&M services, storage technology, and partnership with other RE-source developers are the current favorites of large developers and operators.

  • Investments are also made in creating a Europe PV supply chain and manpower system.


Mr. Pietro Radoia

Senior Analyst

Bloomberg NEF

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Dr. Vlasios Oikonomou

Managing Director

Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy Foundation (IEECP)

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Mr. Federico Giannandrea

Head of Continental Europe

Foresight Group

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Mr. Alfred K. Weinberger

Managing Director, Austria


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Ms. Melissa Stark

 Global Renewables & Energy Transition Services Lead


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Cheryl Yu

Research Analyst

Leader Associates

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Top Countries to Invest in the Eyes of Investors

  • Spain and Portugal have attracted a large number of investors due to their huge potential for growth and high investment returns. Italy has a great growth possibility and is also a good region to invest in solar energy after becoming familiar with the local rules.